Morton Illinois And The Pumpkin Festival

There are quite a few cities and towns across the United States which have notoriety for a wide variety of different reasons. However, very few can state that they are actually the Pumpkin Capital of the World. There is a little village that is just outside of Peoria in Illinois that is called Morton which has achieved this level of notoriety. Not only do they have a fantastic series of pumpkin patches, and a festival that is world-famous, but they are also responsible for about 80% of all of the canned pumpkin that we see in stores today. Let’s talk a little bit about the pumpkin Festival, and then discuss a few of the other attractions that you will see in this village in Illinois

Why Do People Live In Morton?

What is interesting about this area is that it has not grown very much, despite the notoriety that it has. For example, back in the 1970s, the population actually doubled, but then it peaked at about 14,000 in the 80s. Since that time, only a few thousand more people have come into the area. Most of them are either moving away to the large cities, or they are working in cities like St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, or even Peoria. They might have jobs that the Caterpillar corporate headquarters, or they may be part of the canning plant which is responsible for all of the canned pumpkins that they produce.

Morton Pumpkin Festival

This pumpkin Festival is so large they actually have craft fairs, carnivals, parades, and a multitude of other activities that revolve around this event. There are over 2000 volunteers that make the event possible. There are many events that happened during the festival such as bike tours, a princess pageant, and a classic run and walk activity. There will be competitions, shows, and many other things on the daily schedule that you will have fun doing. Best of all, you will know that you are part of a festival that is associated with all of the work that goes into creating the largest volume of pumpkin that is produced and canned in the world.

This place is a very quaint area, one that you may fall in love with the moment that you arrive. However, most people are simply traveling there to see the pumpkin Festival. If you are interested in visiting, you need to get there the second week of September which is when it happens every year. The great climate, and the friendly people in this area, make this a fantastic event and a wonderful place to visit.